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GPS Tracking & Fleet Management

Vehicle Tracking and Fleet management has proved to be a practical solution used by businesses to improve their fleet safety and efficiency especially in restrictive economies where expenses have to be kept at the minimum. Globe Vehicle Tracking and fleet management can help you achieve this goal by offering you the best cloud based vehicle tracking solution that provides you comprehensive up to the minute tracking and intelligence.

Vehicle tracking system provides live GPS tracking capability that enables tracking up to minute-by-minute information and management of your vehicles, through the easy-to-use web interface which is the most convenient way to track your vehicles using computer or any mobile device at any time.


Real-Time Fleet Monitoring
Globe Vehicle Tracking gives you around the clock visibility of your fleet with a refresh rate of 9 seconds you get the exact location, speed and status of your vehicle. Such intelligence allows you better manage your resources by allowing you dispatch more efficiently and reduce time calling drivers. You become the silent passenger.

Save Money on Fuel
Our tracking system helps you decrease costs by reducing speeding, decreasing idle times and improving routing & dispatching giving you and urge over your competitors.

Alerts, Fleet Safety & Security
On top of saving money and boosting profits, we also value driver and property safety. Our system provides safety features like speed, harsh braking and harsh acceleration alerts that can help you monitor driver behavior and lower the incidents of accidents. Your staff will feel safer at work and you will have a peace of mind knowing your fleet is safe.

Our Vehicle Tracking System goes above and beyond telling location of vehicle, our geo-fences feature allows you to set up multiple boundaries (geo-fences) around specific areas and sends you alerts whenever a vehicle enters or leaves those geo-fences. This becomes handy in vehicle recovery if the geo-fences parameters have been breached.

Vehicle Immobilization
We also give you the control to your vehicles engine, allowing you to stop it or reset it right from your mobile phone. We ensure safety of your driver and vehicles with a safety feature that stops the vehicle only when it is safe.

Historical Review
Historical review with animation playback on map or detailed report listing time when vehicle was started, turned off, street address, speed, direction, etc.

Comprehensive Reports
Vehicle Management reports can have big impact on return on investment by giving you fleet intelligence. Globe Fleet Management Reports gives you important data enabling you make proactive decisions. Our reports are customized to your needs and are available to you online for up to 90 days.

Fleet Management System
Managing service schedules in a large business vehicle fleet is an onerous task. From vehicle location to fuel usage, idle time, engine diagnostic codes, and more, Fleet Management system provides the accurate, timely data you need to make smart fleet management decision.

Keep Your Trucks on the Road Longer With Fleet Management Services
Schedule reminders and get automatic alerts when your trucks are due for service. You can track past services and see how much you are spending per vehicle on even on your entire fleet.

Plans & Pricing
We have a range of plans to suit all needs. Contact us for more information.

G-SECURE Guard Monitoring Solution

An intelligent system for monitoring security guards and their supervisors.

G-Secure is the only complete guard monitoring system designed specifically for the Malawian Market. Guarding companies/Households choose G-Secure because it allows them to monitor service levels for any number of guards and provide an exceptional, proactive service to their customers.

It is the ideal solution security companies and business owners to monitor and manage the service levels of security guards and their supervisors. G-Secure hardware and software system is reliable and easy to use. Handsets are custom-made to be rugged and dependable.

The main features of the handset are;

  • Rugged exterior.
  • GPS-enabled.
  • Tamper-proof design.
  • Motion sensors.
  • Temperature sensors.
  • 3G antenna for areas with low signal strength.
  • Main advantages of G-Secure.
  • Ensures that guards and supervisors take action on security incidents.
  • Provides an audit trail of the actions taken.
  • Reports transform data into intelligent security management information.
  • G-Secure reporting transforms guarding data into intelligent security management information.
  • Management and operational reports are sent daily, weekly and monthly by email.
  • Easy to use, so minimal training is needed.
  • Products and services are constantly improved with new features.
  • Dependable, cloud-based software.

Some of the available reports in the system are;

  • Patrol reports.
  • Event reports.
  • Control-room reports.
  • Live patrol information.

Genset Monitoring Solution

Is your generator a drain on your pocket?

If yes, we can help you improve generator performance, cut operation costs, we help you implement solutions for online monitoring of generators. You can then use information to avoid sudden and costly failures – reduce fuel theft – while optimizing maintenance schedules and extending the life of your generators.

G-Genset Monitoring Solution is a breakthrough technology that helps make generators more efficient and durable. Generators are installed with sensors and monitors giving feedback on performance metrics such as run hours, fuel level, amongst others. A gateway device then communicates these readings to our central server over the internet. Typical reports include generator status, fuel and maintenance reports

How does it work?

We install sensors and smart devices, on the generator, that monitor various parameters such as – run hours, fuel level, etc. A gateway device then communicates these readings to our central server over the internet. The gateway works on GPRS, Wireless or Ethernet technology. You can then log onto the web application and view generator parameters, create reports – anywhere – and any time. Typical reports include generator status, fuel and maintenance reports etc.


Reduce Maintenance Costs – Get information like hours run, battery voltages and temperature trends. You can use this information to schedule maintenance. This can reduce sudden downtime, overall maintenance cost and fuel consumption.

Prevent Fuel Theft – With the sustained rise of global energy prices, fuel costs are a major part of the total cost of ownership. Fuel cost could be as high as 60% of total cost of operations for a typical diesel generator running for about seven hours per day. This cost is driving many organizations to manage their generators more efficiently or consider other power system options. If you believe that, your generators are consuming more than required fuel. A possible reason could be fuel theft. You can easily identify fuel theft by comparing fuel consumption with actual power generation and fuel receipts.


Genset fuel level monitoring is useful for remote monitoring of fuel level capacity. Features include:

  • Consumption per hour
  • Actual fuel level
  • Fill-in quantity
  • Theft and Stolen alert
  • Fuel cap open alert
  • Keeps automatic record of run hours