Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have a big appetite for growth and rock solid determination to stay ahead in the business. Globe Internet is your business partner who can meet your requirements, rather than just to keep pace with your thinking.

4G userbased broadband solution is designed for your business needs and has growth potential to take your business further.

When your business is on the fast path to growth, and needs high-speed connectivity to stay ahead connect with 4G User based internet solution; this service offers reliable data connectivity and enables a host of Applications and Services. It gives you the flexibility to choose bandwidth to match with your business needs. With your usage and budget in mind, enjoy flexibility of choosing 8 user, 15 User or 20 user internet plans according to your company requirements.

Step up to a reliable business-class internet solution that senses your need for growth, through blazing connectivity

Key Benefits

    • Reliable Internet connectivity with redundancy on domestic and international backbones
    • Flexible access plans with customized bandwidth service/solution
    • 99.5% – 99.95% uptime guaranteed
    • Committed Information Rate (CIR) guarantee, as applicable for each of the services offered
    • Online usage statistics
    • 24×7 Customer Support and a dedicated Help Desk with proactive notifications and monitoring dedicated Customer Relationship Manager.