Taxi Me

The Product

TaxiME, branded “NDITENGE”  is yet another milestone from Globe Internet Ltd where taxi or cab commuters will be able to order a taxi in the comfort of their zones for very competitive rates. It is a mobile based service where clients will be able to order a taxi service online to get a ride to any destination in Malawi.

Nditenge connects you with a reliable ride in minutes. One tap and a car comes directly to you. Your driver knows exactly where to go as he gets all this data on the mobile device.

Payment can be Cash, eTransact or card.




All the clients it’s an app uploaded on his/her smartphone loaded with taxi drivers database..

Current Taxi Market

 Malawi taxi service is generally not formalized. There are no formally registered taxi companies established to offer taxi service on a larger and professional scale. Majority of taxis are owned by individuals. Some individuals may acquire a pool of small passenger vehicles register them as taxis and run a taxi service on a smaller scale however their business model revolves around the individual taxi operators.

The operators in Malawi formed an association run by a committee. This committee defines the mordus operandi of the taxi service. The tariffs are regulated. They have a chart that they follow. However, none of the taxi operators follow the chart. Most of the rates are discounted.

Current Pricing Structure

Taxi tariffs in Malawi follow a defined chart developed by the Taxis Association of Malawi based at Mount Soche, Capital and Mzuzu hotels. Their minimum rate within a radius of 2Km from their base is MK1,500. The Blantyre rates are as follows:


Estimated Distance

Price (MWK)

Base (Blantyre)

Within 2km


















Chigumula Church



Chigumula Market






Chileka Airport

































Cape Maclear





Key Learnings

 Following the background above, a couple of take aways can be drawn from here.

  1. a) The fact that these taxis are not formally organized and recognized, it is an inconvenience and a security risk to clients
  2. b) Sometimes clients have to stand on the street side and wave their hand in order to signal a taxi to stop.
  3. c) The wait time, the inconvenience and the unpredictable rates are a problem to commuters
  4. d) There is no control on prices and customers get ripped off sometimes

This is where Globe Internet Limited comes in with NDITENGE to offer clients a more organized, secure and convenient taxi service platform

Globe Business Model

NDITENGE a web based application for taxi service

Salient Features of NDITENGE

  1. Globe shall not own cabs. It will only develop an App that will be shared with customers and taxi drivers.
  2. A user can tap the App on his/her smartphone and call a cab at his location.
  3. The driver has the option to accept or reject a ride.
  4. If driver accepts the ride, driver details are sent to the customer along with ETA.
  5. The customer can track the driver as he arrives to his location.
  6. The customer shall have the option of shopping for better rates and type of vehicle
  7. The driver can also track the exact location of the customer and reach his exact location.
  8. The payment procedure is handled by them
  9. Going forward, we may also introduce a rating system where a customer can rate the driver after his ride.

NDITENGE four step approach

  • Step 1 (Request a cab): The first step is about creating a demand. Globe shall promote the service and the app. People with smartphones shall download the app which lets them request a cab instantly or schedule it for some time later.
  • Step 2 (Matching): As soon as the request is made, a notification about the clients details shall be sent to the nearest driver. Cab driver has the option to accept or reject the ride. In case he rejects, notification is sent to another driver in that area.
  • Step 3 (Ride): Customer can track the cab when it is arriving and the ETA is also shown to the customer. The meter starts as soon as the customer sits in the cab which can be tracked through the customer side app as well.
  • Step 4 (Payment & Rating): Once the ride is over, customer gets an option to rate the driver. Rating system is an important part ofthe business model as it lets a person know about the driver before booking a ride and helps him trust the driver.

NDITENGE Value Propositions


  1. No need to wait for a taxi for long times.
  2. Free rides on certain occasions and discounts from time to time for frequent riders.
  3. Prices competitive to the normal taxi fares.
  4. Fixed prices for common places like Airport etc.


  1. Additional source of income.
  2. Flexible working schedules. Can work part time or simply whenever they like.
  3. Easy payment procedure.
  4. Those who love to drive can earn money while pursuing their hobby.
  5. Globe can pay drivers online or using eTransact, where customers customers pay using mobile money.

Customer Segments

  1. Do not own a car.
  2. Do not want to drive themselves to a party or function.
  3. Like to travel in style and want to be treated as a VIP.

The Pricing Model

Globe had adopted a simple model. This is a revenue share model. The base price is MK2,000 for 3Km radius. Any additional Km we charge MK500. From this fare, Globe will get 20%.