Globe Kawawa Bundles

What Kawawa Bundles are and what they can offer

Kawawa Bundles are our Unlimited internet packages that provide our prepaid customers seamless internet access giving our customers the freedom to browse, stream, chat, watch videos, play online gaming, or listen to music uninterrupted. All our packages are monthly and they come with a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) defined in terms of speed and volume with the exception of Kawawa BLAST which allows you to enjoy unlimited internet access at a dedicated speed of 5Mbps the whole month for ONLY MK50,000.

All the Unlimited Kawawa Bundles come with speeds of up to 10Mbps while the dedicated ones range from 2 to 5Mbps.

These packages are available to prepaid customers only.

Globe Kawawa Bundles

Terms and Conditions

  1. These bundles are available to customers on prepaid only ( specifically for individual and home use)
  2. Once the validity of bundle expires, the service will automatically disconnect.
  3. The top six bundles shall automatically disconnect once the volume is exhausted.
  4. Once Quotas for Kawawa Dedicated2 and Kawawa Dedicated3 finishes, the speed will drop to 256Kbps until the expiry of its validity period. You will automatically get a login page where you will be able to buy another bundle online.
  5. As this is a shared service, Fair Usage Policy (FUP) shall apply.
  6. Our services are limited to the main centres/areas of Blantyre, Lilongwe, Mzuzu and Zomba cities.
  7. The Unlimited Bundles are offered on both Fibre and 4G where available except Kawawa 50. While the dedicated bundles are only offered via Fibre
  8. Customers will be able to purchase the bundles via Mpamba, Airtel Money, Online through our website or visit any of our shops in Limbe (Old Unilever), City Centre (ADL House), Old Town (behind 7/11), Mzuzu (Mzuzu Mall and Zomba (MPC Building),

These bundles have been introduced on a promotional basis with unspecified period. Globe has the right to withdraw them anytime it deems fit.