CONNECT YOUR WORLD G-CorporateLINK provides a highly secure foundation that connects your corporate headquarters, data centers, branch offices, small offices and mobile workers to each other, and to the applications they use to be productive. With G-CorporateLINK you can […]

Genset Monitoring Solution

Is your generator a drain on your pocket? If yes, we can help you improve generator performance, cut operation costs, we help you implement solutions for online monitoring of generators. You can then use information to avoid sudden and […]

G-Data Center Solutions

SECURE, SCALABLE & RELIABLE Globe Internet Limited provides customers with a top class infrastructure of Data Centers with a national core MPLS network so you can take advantage of the benefits that technology brings. WHY CHOOSE G-HOST DATA CENTER […]

G-SECURE Guard Monitoring Solution

An intelligent system for monitoring security guards and their supervisors. G-Secure is the only complete guard monitoring system designed specifically for the Malawian Market. Guarding companies/Households choose G-Secure because it allows them to monitor service levels for any number […]

Video Conferencing

Visually connect your world with the highest quality embedded video and enterprise video conferencing. Our system delivers cost effective interactive, two-way video that is secure, ready to scale and supported on any device.It removes the technical barriers between conference […]

Globe Wifi

GlobeWiFi hotspot delivers a high-speed and reliable internet service at most Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping Malls and many more public locations. This is a managed Hotspot service enabling location owners to provide customers to access high quality internet connectivity in […]


MobileMax is a high speed mobile broadband 3G with WiFi enabled internet access technology. This solution is ideal for Home Users or Small businesses with a wide range of flexible broadband internet plans. MobileMax offers seamless high speed internet […]


This is a prepaid high speed broadband internet solution which offers reliable connectivity and speeds up to 2Mbps and higher. This service gives organizations/Individuals the flexibility to acquire high speed bandwidth on Quota based system. This service offers a […]

4G User Based Broadband

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have a big appetite for growth and rock solid determination to stay ahead in the business. Globe Internet is your business partner who can meet your requirements, rather than just to keep pace with […]