Globe Fibre delivers value-based Internet service that provides high-speed, uncapped fibre Internet connectivity

This service is delivered over independent dedicated fibre last-mile infrastructure, which offers low-latency, symmetrical bandwidth along our world-class network backbone. Our premium Enterprise Internet Access and Broadband services run over the same scalable fibre network infrastructure, providing a seamless upgrade path for clients who wish to upgrade, or run partitioned services over a single fibre circuit.

Fibre Solutions

  • End-to-end optical Fibre Backhaul Service – Our backhaul infrastructure is deployed to provide coverage for short and long backhaul connections.
  • MPLS VPN – This Service provides companies with complete end-to-end control with flexibility over network performance, by utilizing MPLS for a highly scalable data-carrying mechanism. As companies grow, the various branches and locations require a means to securely and reliably connect to each other to communicate, collaborate and conduct business. Our Managed Data Network Services provide this capability. The benefits are numerous:
    • Cost-effective, superior, symmetrical bandwidth for high-speed Internet access.
    • Uncapped bandwidth available at a variety of speeds up to SMT16 (2.5Gbps) multitude services.
    • Expert technical support available 24/7 through our Network Operation Centre (NOC).
    • Fixed rates to ensure predictable billing
    • Offers minimum downtime
    • Results in a scalable network architecture with robust dedicated backhaul with QOS and low-latency application
    • Fully converged and flexible IP network
    • Secure, resilient managed network delivering guaranteed performance and availability
    • GIL services provides priority status to business-critical applications, with guaranteed performance and availability through our all-encompassing SLAs




A 2 Mbps Medium to Enterprise Businesses that demand dedicated CIR 1:1 internet services
  • Internet
    • GIL will provide Optic Fibre termination equipment
  • Vpn
    • Cisco Routers (Recommended
    • Optic Fibre termination equipment
B 4Mbps
C 6Mbps
D Other plans over and above (Mbps)