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This is a public wireless internet cloud setup by Globe Internet to offer high speed wireless internet connection with mobility, via Wi-Fi integrated devices such as laptops, desktops ,mobile phones or any device that works on ISM band, within a radius of 200 to 500 meters
Subscribers only need to have a WiFi integrated device, purchase Globe WiFi airtime and work within the Globe WiFi environment
Apart from the Globe WiFi airtime and devices as above the subscriber need to acquire a fixed WiFi subscriber unit. This is an integrated device that will provide single or multiple online access

This is meant for areas outside the Globe WiFi environment
Chileka Airport
Mount Soche Hotel
Victoria hotel
Malawi Sun Hotel
Rayalls Hotel surrounded area
Maky Restaurant
Hostelere de France
Chichiri lodge
Shoprite Chiciri Shop rite Fartima Arcade
Restaurant area of Shoprite
Manja Residenatial Area
Mount Pleasant
Limbe residential area
Country club Limbe
Annies Lodge
Tasty Bites
Zomba city and surrounded area
Lilongwe Airport
Lilongwe Hotel
Cresta Shopping centre Cresta
Money Bureau Cresta
Area 2
ADL House
Mzuzu Hotel
Mzuzu City Center Mzuzu
Sun and Sand Holiday Resort
Hippo View Lodge
Mongochi Town area – coming soon
Mwansa, Neno
Mulanje, Rumphi
Phalombe, Nsanje
Wireless Internet access, known as WiFi, or wireless fidelity, allows you to get rid of the cables dangling from the back of your PCs by broadcasting Internet connections via radio waves. Then you just tune in from your computer.
Airtime (Access Cards) are available in four denominations

30 Minutes Access Cards
60 Minutes Access Cards
30/90 Days Access Cards(For Fixed WiFi subscribers at lowest price)
If you encounter any login errors such as “simultaneous Login” or any other , please SMS only your user name (on the card) to 09-53 55 55. A Response will be received with in 5-10 minutes.
Globe WiFi Hotspot service is best suited and cost effective in densely populated (nucleas) settlements, in public place like hotels, libraries and shopping malls where a mass population can share a single gateway
Please spare two minutes of your time and take part in our survey so we can improve our services.
With the information collected we can decide to direct a number of changes to improve and expand our services.
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